Thursday, June 17, 2004

new review

This concerned United States citizen is new to this arena. Not to alienate anyone, but I am deeply concerned about the law abiding American's citizen's loss of this Country. Why is the working class supporting America, and getting nothing for it?? YO. Our political "system" is admirable. No question. But, the pendulum of justice has swung in the direction of the non-consensus. Numerous Americans bust their bottoms to get by. They are honest. They obey our laws. They BELIEVE IN AMERICA !! But those who watch, care, listen, THEY are concerned by the turn of political and judicial events in this Country. Why do we voters get a daily report on the tragedies around the world? Why are we spoon-fed the next management crisis? Why do we, the populus take this without rebuttal?? It is proven the news is 'tainted'. The media is our greatest rescource as well as our dehabilitating instrument.
The American voter is getting nothing for his cast ballot. We feel deprived. The hard
working American is patriotic, but sees the judicial boundaries of his freedom expanded to include those who don't give a crap about the Country. It is called 'freedom for all'. It is time for America and it's Patriots to take a stand.
It is time to reacess the needs and directions of this great Nation. This is a Great
Country ! Let us take stock of what got us here, but in the same vain, we shall continue to be vulnerable if our Leaders do not impose new parameters in the judicial and financial decisions that are freely made in this country.
The bottom line is NOT, 'oh gosh, I think we hurt their feeling'.
The Country's statement should include: "We sacrificed many lives in many generation to get where we are today. We honor freedom and liberty, but do not take kindness and
generosity as a weekness."
America needs to take It's Country back. No crap, no feelings on It's sleeve. Freedom is based on what is the best for the majority. Why is this Country continuing to cater to the minority?? If it continues, we are in for a new awakening. And it won't be pretty..